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Often the thought of the Christmas season as a childless woman is met with sadness, longing, and thoughts of what might have been.  But, It doesn’t have to be that way.  There can be joy and happiness in celebrating as a family of two.  We’ve specially selected several links to give advice, help, and ideas to make this a fulfilling, exciting, holiday season.

childless christmas

Blog Entry from Childless Mormon Support:
What are you doing for the holidays?

Childless Couples:
Six Solid Holiday Blues Solutions for the Single & Childless
The Plight of Childless People During the Holidays
Coping with Being Childless During the Holidays
Christmas Tradition Ideas for Those Without Kids
Christmas is when being childless hurts the most: Amanda Platell on the yearning for motherhood
4 Top Tips to Plan Your Best Childless Christmas
Brenda Horrocks: Childless at Christmas: A survival guide
Spare a thought for the childless at Christmas
When the Manger is Empty: Childless at Christmas
Childless at Christmas
Coping with Infertility at Christmas and Special Days
Live Laugh & be Merry
I’m Dreaming of a Childless Christmas
Countdown to Christmas: strategies for a childless celebration
Childless at Christmas: The Perfect Storm

Childless Military Couples:
Making Spirits Bright in a Childfree Home

Childless Step-parent:
Advice for Childless Stepparents on the Holidays

Childless Singles:
Single, Childless and Christmas – Trying Out a New Solution to a Tricky Equation

Childless at Christmas – Radio Interviews
Christmas can be tough for the childless by circumstance (mentions Childless Men)
Jody Day on Childlessness at Christmas

E-book about Childlessness at Christmas
Life Without Baby: Holiday Companion – UK
Life Without Baby: Holiday Companion – US