I was born and raised in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the oldest of five siblings and one of dozens of cousins. I grew up on a family cattle ranch in Southern Alberta, part of the fifth generation to live there in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains. My family tree roots run deep and branches wide– a legacy from one generation to the next and close relationships with extended family have always been a part of my life.

I graduated as a dental hygienist from the University of Alberta in 1994, and married my husband, Ben, in the Cardston Alberta Temple in 1995. We have shared exciting, devastating, learning, growing, humbling, forgiving, grieving, entertaining, and loving (but certainly never dull!) moments as life has taken us from Calgary and area to Costa Rica, to Victoria, and now to Montréal.

I spent two years in full-time studies to complete a BSc Dental Hygiene this past April, and am now working on my Québecois French (which always seems to come out peppered with Costa Rican Spanish prepositions…) I love to wear stilettos, avoid cooking whenever possible (which is most of the time, because I was smart enough to marry a man who enjoys it), listen to world news and random information podcasts while walking the furry beast (aka Bear, our massive Saint Shepherd), get completely sidetracked by crossword puzzles, do yoga far too infrequently, stay up late far too often, eat apples with my popcorn (this is dinner, at least once a week), and glory in the complete quiet that comes over my mind the moment I plug in a bass guitar and feel the wall of sound thump against my chest. I have had to say goodbye far too many times in my life, and miss all of my people that are everywhere I am not. I have learned that life often happens in spite of expectations and plans, and that I am strong enough to take anything head-on and come out better on the other side when I am willing to trust in the Lord and relinquish any idea I had of the way things ought to be.

Most of my church callings have been working with youth in Young Womens and Sunday School, as well as playing the organ and piano, in every one of the branches, wards, and stakes where we have lived. I currently serve as Director of Public Affairs for the English stake in Québec (first time I’ve had a calling with business cards!) and answer to Momma Bear to all of the English-speaking Young Single Adults in the greater Montréal area, where my rather amazing husband is serving as possibly the coolest branch president of all time.

To any and all who inquire as to why we don’t have kids, the answer is that God took one look at our combined gene pool, and had mercy on the world.