LDS Childless ResourcesJamie

Sister Ardeth Kapp is a great example of a faithful LDS woman who is also childless.  She gives love and understanding to childless women in the following talks:
Just the Two of Us For Now
You’re Like A Mother

Sister Dew’s words apply to any childless women in the Church:
Are We Not All Mothers?

Here are some lovely articles writen by LDS women about being childless:
Barta Stevenson Women’s Conference 2004
Childless and Content
My Search for Motherhood
A Special Kind of Mother

A great personal article about being childless in the church:
Infertility: Sometimes it hurts to be a Mormon
Ensign article by a childless priesthood holder offers a male insight:
So How Many Children Do You Have?

Some members of the site found that going through the Church’s 12-Step Addiction Recovery Program helped them accept the Lord’s will and find peace and happiness in their life. It also helped them forgive others and work through the resentments that had developed during the years they struggled with infertility and childlessness.
LDS Addiction Recovery Program