More Helpful LinksJamie

The following links give perspective to various feelings and challenges that come with living a childless life.

Here is an Liahona article that can help us find happiness amidst childlessness:
Happiness – There’s Not a Single Barrier

Elder Neal A. Maxwell, who suffered so much sorrow in his life, also provides several talks with inspiring words and advice. Here is one that can see us through any trial:
Content With the Things Allotted Unto Us

Elder Holland often speaks about Christ, who knows our suffering better than anyone else. Here are a couple great talks to reread in times of sorrow:
An High Priest of Good Things to Come
None Were With Him

Here is an Ensign article from a talk given about being different in the church:
Those Who are Different

This article is written by an LDS woman who doesnt fit the “typical profile”:
A Mormon Misfit

A great site on dealing with grief:
The Five Stages of Grief

The Uses of Adversity