How We Got HereJamie

Hello and welcome!  Let me explain how it happened that we contribute to this blog.  We all met through a Facebook group.  Many people tell of the dangers of Facebook – but we are proof that it isn’t all bad.  We are in a group where we connect with other childless Mormons.  The group started small (and still is) but is slowly growing – and through that growth, we’ve become friends.  We wanted to help others who are still struggling.  We know it’s not a difficult subject for some to talk about.  We’ve had our struggles, and sometimes still do, but we are childless women who are living full and happy lives.  We come from different places (No, not all of us are in Utah), we are all different ages and all in different situations.  We have individual experiences with infertility, IVF, LDS adoption, private adoption, miscarriage, fertility drugs, fostering children, baby loss, and many other trials that brought us eventually to being childless.  We know what it’s like to participate in a family centered gospel and sometimes feel like outsiders.  We know how it hurts to be asked, “When are you going to have kids?” or “Why don’t you just try ________?”    We’ve all experienced the grief, sadness, anger, frustration and hurt that the realization of living a childless life brings.  But, we have also come to know happiness, joy, comfort, acceptance, and contentment as well – and luckily now, the good far outweigh the bad.  We are by no means experts, we still long for children, have arms that ache for a baby, and find it hard to see those baby announcements (we’re human after all!) But, we have stories to tell, experiences to share, and support to give to our sisters who are on this journey with us.